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Powered by 20 years of experience in print and digital production, AUXmedia is a revolution, changing how creative content is developed and distributed. Combining the developmental and technological forces of the award-winning AQUARIUS PRESS and WILLOW BOOKS, AUXmedia takes creators to the next level.



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2018 National Outdoor Book Awards Winner!

Pure Land wins 2018 Literature Award

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Pure Land Event @ Tucson Festival of Books


When the Swan Sings on Hastings (2019)

Heather Buchanan

“I am a storyteller”

Heather Buchanan is a producer and publisher of internationally-acclaimed titles.

Buchanan has several projects in development and also produces with other studios, such as Valiant Film’s Solomon (2019), a Sundance Institute-supported project, and California-based producer Michael D. Jones (Kill the Irishman, 2011), owner of Silver Heart Productions. Buchanan has 20+ years of experience in acquisitions and rights management. The co-founder of the award-winning Willow Books, Buchanan oversees a mission to develop, publish and promote writers of color. Her groundbreaking LitFest streams live broadcasts of authors of color across the country and Willow events take place across the globe. Buchanan has taught at several universities and was the COO for the Wayne County Council for Arts, History & Humanities. Buchanan is a member of the Independent Film Project (IFP), Alliance for Women Composers and a grant writer for the Winter Film Awards. She is the founder of AUXmedia, an independent film and television production company.




PURE LAND National Tour 2018

PURE LAND National Tour 2018


Annette mcgivney

Annette McGivney is an experienced speaker who has delivered dozens of public lectures as well as given radio and television interviews including an appearance with Lester Holt on NBC's "Today Show." She has been a featured speaker at the Texas Book Festival, the Utah Museum of Natural History, Salt Lake City Library's Dewey Lecture Series, the Grand Canyon Association Lecture Series, the Grand Canyon River Runners Film Festival and the Flagstaff Festival of Science. 

In February 2016, McGivney was the Preliminary Speaker for the Peaks Interdisciplinary Conference at Northern Arizona University. And in October 2015, she was invited to speak at the annual Non Fiction Now Conference with more than 500 attendees.

In 2017 and beyond, McGivney will be focused on giving talks and book signing events related to her most recent work "Pure Land." In addition to discussing the book she is interested in sharing her experiences about how encounters with wild nature help heal the wounds of trauma and domestic violence.

Solomon: a fEATURE fILM

AUXmedia's Director H. Buchanan is proud to serve on the producing team for Solomon, a upcoming film set in Detroit!



Caroline Stucky, Director of Photography


Book to Screen Seminars

Featuring Zelmer Bothic III, Spike Lee films Malcolm X, School Daze, Summer of Sam



Heather Buchanan is an experienced consultant. A storyteller and scholar, Buchanan’s expertly crafted technique integrates psychological dimensions of storytelling with the eternal Hero’s Journey. A publisher for 20+ years, Buchanan produces bestselling authors and translates those elements of success into script development. Buchanan works with writers, directors, producers and studios from idea to finished product ready for the screen.


Turn your book into a great movie or TV series! Register for an Adaptation Assessment to receive feedback and recommendations.

Winter 2019 Special (Writers Only)

$49, Regular $99 (compare at $450)

Open to authors with published books. I will evaluate your book and provide a one-page written assessment. Please submit a pdf or ebook (if you prefer to mail a hardcopy, ship to our address below). If I feel strongly that an adaptation is possible, I will email you a quote for the full Adaptation Service (Note: Author must provide proof of copyright registration).

Writers with unpublished manuscripts are welcome to submit to our Book-to-Screen Program at no charge, please fill out the form below.

Script Doctor (Writers, Directors, Producers and Studios Only)

Rewrite and polish services for writers, directors, producers and studios, including implementation of studio reader and producer’s notes. Contact for a custom quote.

“Rewrite” vs. “Polish”

A "rewrite" makes significant changes to the plot or the interrelationship of characters. A "polish" makes changes to the dialogue, formatting, or scene descriptions, but not to the level of a rewrite.

Script Reader (Directors, Producers and Studios Only)

Just need a reader for potential scripts? Contact for a custom quote.

Movie Novelizations/Tie-Ins (Producers and Studios Only)

The reverse process of adaptation, utilizing the screenplay to develop and write the story into a full-length novel that complements and expands the film’s universe. Contact for a custom quote.


Literary Executive, Silver Heart Productions

Executive Producer, Solomon (2019), Valiant Films

Grant Writer, Winter Film Awards

Member, Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP)

Member, Community of Literary Magazines & Presses

Co-Founder, Willow Books

Member, Alliance for Women Film Composers (AWFC)

Terms and Conditions:

1. All services (with the exception of the Adaptation Assessment) will be outlined in a signed contract.

2. Adaptation Assessment Fee is nonrefundable.

3. The full Adaptation Service is 50% refundable upon approval of written cancellation request.

4. AUXmedia LLC and its owners, affiliates and assigns are not liable for any loss or damage, perceived or otherwise and in no way guarantees any project’s success.

5. Mailed hardcopy editions will not be returned.

6. Confidentiality Statement: Due to the volume of material I read, there are occasions where I have read material with similar ideas. Most of the time, there are major differences in execution. By submitting your book, script or idea, you do so with the knowledge that it is not uncommon for writers to have similar ideas that parallel development within the film and TV industry and that similarities between your script/idea and any other script/idea are purely coincidental.


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