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WINNER! Sundance Knight Alumni Grant!

Media:  AUXmedia Director is Associate Producer for Solomon Film

AUXmedia is pleased to partner with film industry leaders to produce great content for the screen.

Current collaborations include Solomon, an independent film by Valiant Films.

IN DEVELOPMENT--When the Swan Sings on Hastings by Thomas Galasso! 


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When the Swan Sings on Hastings

Thomas Galasso, actor (Hoffa)

Arthur Ray, Director


Saturday, October 6, 2018

Southfield Public Library  3-5pm


Book to Screen

In a world where...books can become films!

Our Book to Screen program develops promising books into screen projects. 

Upcoming Book to Screen Projects:

BLAZE: The Poetry Film by Kahn Santori Davison

When the Swan Sings on Hastings by Thomas Galasso