Script Consulting 2019 Session I


Script Consulting 2019 Session I


New for 2019! Script Consulting

Professional script analysis with up to three pages of detailed notes. Great for writers with completed scripts. Compare at $399+ elsewhere.

Open to writers at all levels. Book anytime during these dates:

Session I: January 28-February 28

Upcoming Sessions:

Session 2: March 1-April 1

Session 3: April 1-May 1

Session 4: July 1 - August 1 *note: no June session

Session 5: August 1-September 1

Session 6: September 1 - October 1

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Great service at a great price! Open to all writers. 110 pages maximum per order. (For TV series scripts, email for custom quote).

Receive up to three pages of comments, covering the following: theme, plot, structure, character, dialogue, marketability; Pass/Fail/Recommend score.

Email pdfs only to . Clients scheduled first-come, first served. Limited slots per session. No rush service at this time.


AUXmedia will confirm receipt of payment and schedule a delivery date via email. Once work begins, allow up to 10 business days for completion.

Note: This is not an editing service. Revised scripts (after initial consultation is completed) can be re-submitted at a discounted rate ($75).

Terms and Conditions:

By registering for a service with AUXmedia, client confirms and agrees to the following:

Service fee is nonrefundable.

Writer owns all copyrights at all times.

The work submitted does not infringe on the copyright of any other work.

The work submitted does not violate the rights to privacy or publicity of any person or constitute a defamation against any person.

Writer will not hold AUXmedia LLC nor its affiliates responsible for any loss, perceived or otherwise. Service does not guarantee access to any film-related third-party entity.

Writer understands that because of its involvement in the entertainment industry, AUXmedia LLC receives unsolicited submissions of ideas, formats, stories, suggestions and the like. Writer further acknowledges the possibility that the Writer’s material may be identical or similar to material that AUXmedia LLC has received from other sources.

Service in no form represents a partnership or employee or contractual relationship with AUXmedia LLC or any of its affiliates.

AUXmedia LLC reserves the right to reject and/or cancel a project for any reason and at any time.

Any disputes will be resolved in Detroit, Michigan per American Arbitration Association rules.

Adapted books—Author must provide proof of copyright ownership (copy of certificate or registration number). If AUXmedia makes an option offer in the future, Author must provide proof that he/she owns the film/dramatic rights to the book.

Writer must reply to AUXmedia emails within 48 hours.

Terms and conditions subject to change.